Micro-Pages was a book arts exhibition that toured throughout the UK in 2009 & 2010.

The project aimed to start a conversation about the issues surrounding the display of artists’ books. A series of selected artists’ books was turned into a reel of microfilm, and the work was accessed through microfilm readers in participating libraries and archive centres. The books selected relate to the history of artists’ books, archives and libraries, or challenge the preconceptions of the future of preservation and display.

As a participating artist as well as being the curator and project instigator, and having worked in a library/archive for several years, I wanted to explore issues that affect libraries and archives as well as the book art world. Books have it in their nature to be handled; they are intimate objects whose feeling, texture, weight and smell are part of their artistic aura. Glass cases can remove the experience of the work, and you are unable to see it in its entirety, however, having books out also has its disadvantages. Should we treat artists’ books as archival material? This is the point that the project starts from.

Selected Artists & Works Included:

>>> Kerri Cushman;Over Due

>>> Laura Guy;A Study in Grey

>>> Abigail Thomas;Untitled

>>> Kate Gallon;Reading and Reading and Reading Mrs Dalloway

>>> Lynne Williams;The Accompanying Text: A Catalogue

>>> Hanne Matthiesen;Navigare Necese Est

>>> Sarah Bodman;2.43

>>> Borbonesa & Emitron;Emitron Vol. 4

>>> Lucy Harrison;Good Quote

>>> Ann Willmott;Untitled

>>> Esther Yarnold;Methodology (method two)

>>> Pilar Cortes;Untitled

>>> Lacey Prpic Hedtke;Cereal boxes and Milkcrates, Zine Libraries and Infoshops are Now!

>>> Pàl Csaba;Light Box

>>> Annabel Ralphs;Sound Table

>>> Dorothy Smallman;The Deeper Secrets of Making Book Art

>>> Kim Pilgrim;Untitled

>>> Kerri Cushman;Abecedarium Alphabet Book


>>> November 2009 UWE Bristol, Bower Ashton Library

>>> November 2009 London South Bank University Library

>>> November/December 2009 Goldsmiths Library

>>> December 2009 Paul Hamlyn Library, British Museum

>>> January 2010 Bristol Central Library

>>> February 2010 Glasgow School of Art Archives

>>> March UCA Farnham Library

>>> March 2010 Labyrint 09, Sweden

>>> March 2010 Burton Gallery, University of Leeds




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