Slide Book #1 / Read Me

Slide Book #1 / Read Me consists of four 35mm slides of text, viewed/read through a handheld, battery operated Hama Slide Viewer. Slide Book #1 / Read Me is an open edition/multiple.

Slide Book #1 / Read Me concerns itself with the book as machine, and is bound up with an imagined escape from the page. Through the piece the artist is examining this idea of how we read through machines and, in turn, how we interact with them. Haptics, as touch, is still key to interacting with the world of the word. And so it was even when, after the industrial revolution and the dawn of a new age, inventors and thinkers started to dream up fantastic devices to propel us into an era of reading through machines. It is with these machines in mind that Slide Book #1 / Read Me and it’s accompanying viewing apparatus was produced. The duality of the slide; the physicality of the object, side by side with the intangibility of projected light, interrogates the way we read, especially with our current tendency to read both through digital screens as well as the paper page.

Slide Book #1 / Read Me by Abigail Thomas

Slide Book #1 / Read Me by Abigail Thomas


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